With the depth and breadth of this wonderful world we call cycling, Asphalt & Pine could not continue to move forward without the contributions of others. Below are just a few of the individuals who, over the years, have contributed their experiences, knowledge base, and personality to help cover the many facets of cycling.

And as we continue to expand our coverage, we encourage you to contribute your voice, whether in words or in photographs, to the site.

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Past Contributors

Weide@Work(2)Sean Weide – For more than 25 years, cycling has been a big part of Sean Weide’s life. He has been involved in the sport as a competitor, team director, race promoter, USA Cycling commissaire and public relations officer. His love of the sport began the day after he first saw the movie, “Breaking Away” when he purchased a used Schwinn 10-speed Varsity.  On the domestic pro circuit, the man many call “The Machine” is an authority in the field of communications and media. He has worked with a number of teams, including Team Type 1, Rock Racing and BMC Racing.

2316926807_dbb9c2241fKristin Keim – A Doctoral student at John F. Kennedy University where she is currently working on a PhD in Clinical Psychology, Kristin received her Masters in Sport Psychology from JFKU this past summer. Kristin is originally from South Carolina and attended The University of Georgia receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. After college, Kristin stayed in Athens, GA and was soon introduced to cycling and then competitive racing. It only took a few races before she found a new passion in her life. After racing a couple of seasons as a Cat 1 road cyclist on the NRC circuit, Kristin decided that it was time to pursue a new adventure in life and is now studying to become a Sport Psychologist. Her main focus is to help her fellow athletes become more aware of the mental tools they can use to reach their full athletic potential. Kristin currently lives in Pleasant Hill, CA where she is also a member of the Wells Fargo Pro 1, 2 Women’s Racing Team.

Follow Kristin as she shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for helping athletes reach their full potential on Mind Meets Bike.

Amber Pierce (nee Rais) – An American expat living in Austria, Amber has made the leap across the Atlantic in pursuit of her dreams on the road. After making a name for herself as one of the top road cyclists in the US, she now faces new challenges in her life on the road in Europe.

Amber’s path to full-time racing in Europe has been anything but linear. From high school valedictorian holding national swimming records, to scholarship athlete at Stanford University and researcher on the open ocean, she has found herself in countless adventures all over the globe. With 53 career victories under her belt, however, Amber appears to have found her calling on the bicycle.

Follow Amber’s adventures as an American cyclist and expat in Europe and beyond, as she shares the journey through her own words on Anywhere Road.

rideonriderDan McCormack – Dan first got the international cycling bug in the early 1980s following Tour & Giro leaders Lemond, Hampston, Fignon and others. He’s been a committed recreational rider since the early 90s and still tries to ride over 3000 miles every year. Dan joined up with Trek Travel for a week of riding in the 2003 Tour and 2006 Giro, and hopes to complete the grand tour triple with the Vuelta in the next couple years.

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