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Hills RideView of the city from Perth Hills.

In Australia, waking before 5am quickly became my daily routine. Last week temperatures soared above 40 C, so training required getting a good chunk of the ride done before sunrise. I love this. Admittedly, it’s somewhat painful to get out of bed in the four o’clock hour, but getting a good session finished before 10am feels great and leaves plenty of time for napping (a major bonus).

In an effort to get the most out of the good weather, I smashed myself in training, which pretty much rendered me useless for anything off the bike. As much as I tried to get myself out to see a few sights here and there, most of my time was spent on the bike, which was frankly a very cool way to get to know the city of Perth and people there.

After a month of intense training in the heat and sunshine of Perth, I’m back in Austria, wearing long underwear and getting ready for a weekend of skiing. I’ll be savoring the memories of hot rides along the coast as I gear up in layers for some snowy cross training in the alps.

Here are a few of the photos and videos I got during the trip. Enjoy!


Rainbow Lorikeets

Joey in the Pouch

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Amber Pierce – An American expat living in Austria, Amber has made the leap across the Atlantic in pursuit of her dreams on the road. After making a name for herself as one of the top road cyclists in the US, she now faces new challenges in her life on the road in Europe.

Amber’s path to full-time racing in Europe has been anything but linear. From high school valedictorian holding national swimming records, to scholarship athlete at Stanford University and researcher on the open ocean, she has found herself in countless adventures all over the globe. With 53 career victories under her belt, however, Amber appears to have found her calling on the bicycle.

Photos: Amber Pierce, except Australia Day Skyshow (ABC)