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Twisted Pip – And So It Begins

Each time I get a cycling publication there is something about: injury prevention greater endurance how to gain strength how to stay in the zone how to maintain an even pedal strokes bike and body adjustments how to gain core strength lactic acid I have a twisted solution to help you on you way to being the bad ass rider you are meant to be. It is something that cyclist think they can not do. No, it is not riding until your legs fall off, ignoring back pain or making it up the hill of death. Are you ready… I
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Counting Those Thanksgiving Calories

I'm a Bill Strickland (author of "Ten Points") fan.He writes: The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created: Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon.Jim Fox responded on Adventure Cycling:A gallon of gasoline contains about 31,000 kilocalories (C). A 150-pound rider, averaging about 12 mph, burns about 560 C/hour . Dividing (31,000/560)*12 miles = 700 miles. If the kilocalories burned were exactly proportional to the weight of the rider (which it isn't), a 31-pound rider could get that 3,000 miles! Got all that? If not, you can check out the calories

Training Day

Alright so we're not exactly Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, but for my buddy Don and I who are both coming off of injuries, it was sure nice to be putting in some significant miles again.Don's initial reaction of this image, "That's funny, we actually look like we might be in shape or something."For others coming back from an injury or layoff, Bicycling's FITChick has seven smart ways to return stronger and faster. Below is a quick synopsis, for the full article pick up the August 2007 issue.Easy on the Vitamin I: As in Ibuprofen, and stick to Tylenol (acetaminophen)
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I Went to Spin Class…

and this guy ends up being my instructor for the day! YIKES! "Ahh, sir, excuse me sir, but this isn't supposed to be one of our intensity interval days..." Crazy thing is, some of those hardcore "spinners" probably fed the "Hope" his lunch (at this point in his off season training).Tom Danielson leading a spin at a local Denver gym
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