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Breakdown of the Breakdown

Crash or Defect?Copyright cyclingnews.com/Photo: Mike CarrucanWell it’s not out of Waterloo, WI, but a viable explanation for George Hincapie’s stem failure can be found on cyclingnews.com. As you can see from the above photo, the aluminum (and not carbon) steerer snapped just below the stem clamp.

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Cycling Wanderlust

wanderlust: n. “strong desire to travel”Dr. Don Francis, one of the first scientists to suggest that AIDS was caused by an infectious agent, was once asked why he worked at the Center for Disease Control? His reply, “…that’s where the bugs are.”So when you want to cycle, you go where the weather is…and what better place to start out the year than in Florida, specifically the St. Petersburg area.The BikeNot having my personal ride in tow, the next best thing is having a friend who is a friend of a bike shop owner. In this case, it was our dear

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The Bike We All Want

Here’s the bike Trek wants you to buy (hey, didn’t 53rd do just that?!)If you don’t think that the George Hincapie crash in Paris-Roubaix last weekend doesn’t have Trek concerned, then consider this press release today on the 2006 Discovery Channel Team Bikes and the Madone SL:WATERLOO, WI — (MARKET WIRE) — 04/14/2006 — Fresh from their most successful season ever (including wins at the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Tour of Georgia) the 2006 Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team heads into the new year with high expectations. Although Lance Armstrong is no longer competing, the team remains stocked

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Fool Me Once

I just happened to be cleaning out the email inbox, when I stumbled upon an April 1st mailing from World Cycling Productions that I hadn’t opened. Enjoy! (Yes there’s a reason why I choose to ride the 30 tooth – SLOW)A closer look…Steve Hed hand casts each wheel from extra virgin Minnesota taconite. The new HED Stalingrad. The world’s first cast iron wheel.Light doesn’t always mean right.Ever wish you could soar down a mountain like Paolo (Il Falco) Salvodelli? Are your descents as slow as Beloki’s and equally as frightful? Well fear not. Adhering to his philosophy of “optimal wheel

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