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TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Erica Allar – Part III

Present, Perfect While Erica Allar (Team Vera Bradley Foundation) and I have remained in touch over the years, it had been some time since we actually shared some decent face time. But that changed this past month as I was able to catch up with her in Arlington, Virginia, the site of her Clarendon Cup victory last year, for the 2010 Air Force Cycling Classic. Kind and sensitive, intelligent and quick-witted, and easily approachable as well as to laugh, Erica has always surprised me with her uncanny ability to stay in the present. Whether it is a by-product of a

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TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Erica Allar – Part II

Transitions Change, as they say, is inevitable. For many of us, the biggest transition usually occurs some time after our last final exam when we are finally thrust into a world without the structure, and constraints, of academia. Change can occur at lightning speed and in many instances, all at once during this important juncture of our lives. In Erica Allar’s case, it was a combination of both. At the same time that Erica was completing her degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership from Penn State University and planning a post-baccalaureate move to North

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TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Erica Allar – Part I

I was not privy to the conversation occurring in the row in front of me for most of the flight, not that I am particularly averse to eavesdropping, but mainly because I am the type that begins to yawn as soon as the door is slammed shut and the cabin is pressurized. But as the process of disembarking began to commence, some three hours later, my ears perked up when the travel weary, but smiling young woman ahead of me invited the elder couple to come out and watch her race. Wrapped up in the excitement of covering my first

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TRIPLE Exclusive: Graz’s American Speed Kueen – Part III

An American in Graz The second largest city in Austria, Graz sits in the southeastern portion of the country and along the Mur River. In 2003, the city was named as the European Capital of Culture, an annual European Union designation highlighting a city’s cultural life and cultural development, and its Old Town area is presently listed as one of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Sites. Lenny B (LB): You have resided in Austria for two years now, what has the transition been like…is there any part of American life that you miss? Amber Rais (AR): There are many things I

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TRIPLE Exclusive: Graz’s American Speed Kueen – Part II

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… Decisions are never easy, or so, that is what we have been told. The anxious moments leading up to finalizing our choice are often just predilections of instantaneously grading our decisions as being good or bad before they are even made. Although the consequences or outcomes of our decisions can be viewed in these terms, more often than not, the choosing turns out to be the simplest part. For this former Stanford swimmer, the decision was not if Amber would jump into the deep end to race in Europe, but more precisely when. Lenny B (LB): Your

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TRIPLE Exclusive: Graz’s American Speed Kueen – Part I

With the “shrinking globe,” an American woman plying her trade in Europe is not as much of a cultural oddity as it may have been in the past. But an American woman racing her bicycle on the European circuit full-time, well that is another story. American women racing in Europe is not a wholly new phenomenon. In fact, their history is replete with extraordinary talent and amazing achievements. The inaugural Grand Boucle, known at the time as the Tour de Feminin, the female equivalent to the Tour de France was won by an American. Marianne Martin captured the then 18

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TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Coryn Rivera

Projecting young talent in cycling, as in any sport, is a difficult endeavor. Maturation, both physically and mentally, coaching, sponsorship, and desire can all play an integral part in the development of a cyclist. But sometimes, on those rare occasions, talent can, figuratively, leap off the page and make you take notice. Coryn Rivera is just such a talent. Since she began racing competitively, the 17-year-old has earned more junior national titles, 24, on the road, track, and through cyclocross than she has actually celebrated birthdays. Coryn, who packs as much power in her legs as Manny Pacquiao does in

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TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Nick Frey

A Beautiful Mind A link between genius and madness has long been postulated. But, the romanticized view of the classic “mad genius,” whose psychopathology fuels an insatiable creativity, and was so aptly portrayed in the movie A Beautiful Mind, may be a bit erroneous. Psychologists today suggest that heightened creativity is not necessarily predicated on possessing a mental disorder. On the contrary, “all significant creative leaps have two very important components—talent and technique. By far the most universal and necessary aspect of technique is dogged persistence, which is anything but romantic…Even acknowledged creative geniuses find that endurance must follow intuition.

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TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Alison Starnes

Alison Starnes (Team TIBCO) is one of the fresh new faces of women’s cycling. Then again, it might be better said that she is one of the fresh new faces to the sport of cycling all together. During her collegiate years, Alison’s notions of “spin” and “cycle” revolved more around forehands and backhands, and electrons and Krebs rather than of the two-wheeled variety. An accomplished tennis player and Biochemistry major at Abilene Christian University, she would be instrumental in helping the Lady Wildcats achieve a national ranking in tennis, while her own work on enzymes would garner publication in a

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TRIPLE Exclusive: Kristin Keim, On the Saddle and In Our Minds

When I last spoke to our “Dancer on the Pedals,” Kristin Keim, she was recovering from a bad crash and living in Boulder, Colorado. My, how things change? Her life, as beautifully fluid as her movements on the dance floor and in the saddle, has once again undergone another transition. In the past year, the South Carolina native has moved further west to Northern California, and she is now actively pursuing a career that will have her dancing in peoples’ heads in hopes of helping them to excel on the pedals. In my latest conversation with Kristin Keim, we discuss

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