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TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Liz Hatch

“Off the front” is a term we use in cycling for someone who goes in a break, either with a group or solo. For some, the term not only describes a tactical strategy but also a riding style. While for others, it expresses a personality. In French, these types of riders are referred to as “baroudeur-rouleur,” literally a “fighter” who goes over rolling terrain well, or more descriptively, a rider who is brave enough to go on a suicidal solo effort. Enter Elizabeth Hatch. The 27-year-old who rides for Team Vanderkitten has been “off the front” in the two years

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TRIPLE Exclusive – An Interview with Amber Rais, Part II

In Part II of my interview with Amber Rais, we talk about her new environmental venture, Elemental Action, find out what ‘WWJD” means to her, hear about her worst moment on a bicycle, and what her goals are as a cyclist. You’ll also be privy to some of my foibles as a fledgling journalist, as I find out how difficult it is to transcribe answers while using a cell phone. Granny’s 30 (G): For those not familiar with Elemental Action, could you provide a brief synopsis, and although they might be evident from the website your motivations for starting it

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TRIPLE Exclusive – An Interview with Amber Rais, Part I

I am not a person who engages in the use of superlatives often. In fact, it is extremely rare. But after my recent conversation with Amber Rais (Team TIBCO), I was left with the assertion that a single superlative might not be enough in describing the 25 year old from Reno, NV. Amber came into the sport of cycling later in life than most. She swam competitively as a child and eventually earned a partial scholarship to the Division I program at Stanford University. But after three years, and a career hampering shoulder injury, she suffered exhaustion from the sport.

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TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Shannon Hutchison-Krupat

Through a bit of happenstance and creativity, the Crankset landed its first interview this summer. We were fortunate enough to speak with CSC’s Kurt Asle Arvesen following the Tour de France and his second victory at the Post Danmark Rundt. In our second installment we bring you a conversation with one of the “classiest” ladies of the US elite peloton and a great ambassador of the sport of cycling, Shannon Hutchison-Krupat. She has ridden for a number of teams throughout her career, , and had a stint with Colavita Olive Oil, during which she was ranked the #1 Criterium racer


Interbike – Catching Up With…

LAS VEGAS – As I was walking around the infield of the USA Crits Finals’ course before the Men’s Pro race, I ran into Jonathan Page (Sunweb/Pro Job). For those who aren’t familiar with the sport of cyclocross, the 31 year old American is one of the World’s best in the discipline.Athough the history of cyclocross can be traced back to the early 1900’s, it didn’t become popular in the United States until the 1970’s . Since that time, the sport hasn’t grown as quickly as road racing or mountain biking. But during the 90’s, the sport experienced a large


TRIPLE Exclusive: An Interview with Kurt Asle Arvesen

That’s Kurt Asle Arvesen peaking around a teammate with a thumb’s up for his Norwegian friends (photo by Steve Klein).During the Tour Prologue in London, the Crankset’s own T-o-03 met a slew of interesting people. Among them was Knut-Walther Baldersheim and four very enthusiastic members of his family, who are big supporters of Kurt Asle Arvesen (CSC). The Norwegian rider has a blog, and Baldersheim, a bar owner (Fagernes Gjestegard) in Fagernes, translates Arvesen’s entries into English.Through Knut-Walther’s kindly assistance, we are able to bring you an exclusive interview with Kurt Asle Arvesen, who is having a remarkable season to

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