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Lance Tackles Another Hill

Whether you were aware of it or not, today, Tuesday May 17, 2006, is LIVESTRONG Day. It is a day set aside by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise cancer awareness on Capitol Hill. From the LAF website:"On Wednesday, May 17, you can help Lance and the LAF be a voice for change. Thousands of people will take part in LIVESTRONG Day events across the country to raise awareness of and bring attention to an issue that impacts all Americans - cancer.Two participants from each state have been selected to participate in Washington, D.C. They will meet with their elected
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From the Wall Street Journal: Growing U.S. Bicycle Habit

Saw this story in the Wall Street Journal today. The WSJ is subscription only online (yes, I have a subscription), so here are some excerpts:May 10, 2006 10:34 p.m. EDTQ&A: Growing U.S. Bicycle HabitCharlie McCorkell (CM), who has owned Bicycle Habitat in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan for 29 years, talked with's Matt Phillips (MP) about what has pushed commuters onto their bikes in the past, the impact of the current high gas prices, and more. Mr. McCorkell, 56 years old, is also a former executive director of Transportation Alternatives.MP: How has bike participation changed over the last 20
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File Under: WRONG

Photo: APReferred to as the Forrest Gump of Cycling, as in "I just kept a ruhn-ning," but more affectionately just called Bike Man, Heinz Stucke, 66, had his bike stolen while sleeping in his tent outside of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.Why is this news worthy? Its the same bike he's been riding since he left his home in Germany in 1962. The bike, and man, have logged over 330,000 miles in his journey to cycle across the globe. The 56 lb. bike (yes that's correct, all steel with specially reinforced joints and spokes) was taken on the day he
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Cycling Wanderlust

wanderlust: n. "strong desire to travel"Dr. Don Francis, one of the first scientists to suggest that AIDS was caused by an infectious agent, was once asked why he worked at the Center for Disease Control? His reply, "...that's where the bugs are."So when you want to cycle, you go where the weather is...and what better place to start out the year than in Florida, specifically the St. Petersburg area.The BikeNot having my personal ride in tow, the next best thing is having a friend who is a friend of a bike shop owner. In this case, it was our dear
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Of Bike and Beer – New Belgium?

What's the current fascination between bike and beer? (don't know what I'm talking about, pick up any cycling gear catalog and tell me how many beer related cycling jerseys you find). Today begins our monthly examination (or until I run out of material) of the relationship/collaboration between bike and beer. If you're immediately taken aback thinking, aren't those things counterintuitive? You might have a point (especially if you compare the physiques of the average beer drinker to the average biker). Upon a closer review, however, a relationship between these two entities isn't that unreasonable.Long considered a true spectator sport in
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That’s your last one buddy, you’ll never keep that bike upright!

"Gerald Bordeaux was arrested in Sioux Falls on the afternoon of Oct. 2, 2004, when a witness called police after seeing Bordeaux repeatedly falling off a bike he was trying to ride on a city street. A police officer arrested Bordeaux, and a test indicated Bordeaux's blood-alcohol content was 0.225 percent, or nearly three times the legal limit. Bordeaux was charged with one count of driving or having actual physical control of vehicle while intoxicated and one count ofdriving or having actual physical control of a vehicle while having a blood-alcohol content exceeding 0.08 percent."In the latest edition of Bicycling
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Team Phon(-ey)ak

With the Fab Four (Hamilton, Santiago Perez, Oscar Carmenzind, and now Sascha Unweider; with Santos Gonzalez in the role of Pete Best) being suspended from racing or sacked by the team, how can the directors and owner of Phonak not plead mea culpa? It seems that their inclusion into the Pro Tour ranks came at all cost. Phonak suspend rider after positive A-testBy Mark LedsomMarch 13BERN, Switzerland (Reuters) - Switzerland's Phonak cycling team has suspended rider Sascha Unweider following a positive A-test for high levels of testosterone. According to a statement put out by the team on Monday, the 25-year-old
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Urban Cyclist

If you're thinking that the title of this post sounds a bit oxymoronic you might not be too off base (yes the title is a play on Travolta's 1980s movie of a similar oxymoron, Urban Cowboy). Now without getting into a treatise about whether Bud and Sissy's mechanical bull riding world really fits into the world of real rodeo cowboys, I had to ask myself whether cyclists truly belong in the urban jungle.In the March 23rd edition of RedEye (story may require registration), the Chicago Tribune's hipper and cheaper (its FREE, and strangely can now be delivered to your home)
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