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Catch the Tour of Flanders on Sunday

For the thousands of you now reading this blog (!), don’t miss OLN-TV’s coverage of the Tour of Flanders on Cyclism Sundays from 5-7 p.m. ET.And for a ride on 53rd Tooth’s handlebars, who won the 2005 Tour of Flanders?


Everyone Has Their Price

When professional cycling was more of a novelty than an actual sport in the US, television coverage amounted to a one hour recap show of the entire three weeks of the Tour de France. During the Lance Era, it reached its height with live coverage of most of the big races and Grand Tours. Now that the “Big Draw” has hung up his bike, what’s a boy or gal suppose to do to get their cycling fix?With OLN’s coverage dropping off somewhat, (an internet TV cycling Channel) has more than picked up the slack. Now comes the announcement of

NewsRaces & Results

Three Days in April…

Although the cherry blossoms are blooming in Northern Virginia and the mercury is rising well above freezing, spring arrives for me in a different matter and in a different climate. Beginning this weekend with the Ronde van Vlaanderen on April 2nd, the Northern (Belgian) Classics have arrived!As Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett are known to say, these one day races “bring out the hard men.” Through wintry conditions which can only be described as perverse, and over multiple sections of jagged cobbles, these races amount to a human free-for-all. Team tactics only come into play for the survivors. Think you’d

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Urban Cyclist

If you’re thinking that the title of this post sounds a bit oxymoronic you might not be too off base (yes the title is a play on Travolta’s 1980s movie of a similar oxymoron, Urban Cowboy). Now without getting into a treatise about whether Bud and Sissy’s mechanical bull riding world really fits into the world of real rodeo cowboys, I had to ask myself whether cyclists truly belong in the urban jungle.In the March 23rd edition of RedEye (story may require registration), the Chicago Tribune’s hipper and cheaper (its FREE, and strangely can now be delivered to your home)


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